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I thought Teton Fly Reels went out of business?

Teton Fly Reels, Inc. discontinued production and liquidated in October of 2008.  Teton USA, Inc. purchased the assets of the original company in April, 2009 and has begun manufacturing Teton reels under new ownership.

Are you going to be making the same reels? I liked the old design?

The Teton reel is known throughout the industry as a rugged, durable workhorse. It’s simplicity, durability and incredibly reliable drag system surpass those of any other reels in it’s class.  We intend to closely honor the original design and continue to build upon these well established traits.

I am a former Teton/Tioga dealer and I would like a dealer pricing kit for the new reels.

Please email us at:  info@tetonusa.com

I’m not a dealer but would like to buy a new Teton reel as soon as they are ready. Will you sell them online?

Yes, through our online dealers.  Please click on "Reels" above and you will find links to dealers that sell our reels online.

What sizes, colors and pricing structure will the new reels have?

The old 5 and 6 weight reels will be re-classed as a single 5/6 weight.  This will align the  product offering with current trends in the industry and dramatically simplify the product universe for our dealers and customers.  In order to maintain continuity across the sizing spectrum, weight combinations will be limited to two sizes per reel (i.e. 5/6 weight, 7/8 weight).  In other words, we will not be making a 5-8 weight reel which we feel stretches the utility of a reel beyond what is acceptable.

I have an old Teton Tioga reel and was wondering if I will be able to buy a new replacement spool for it?

At last count, there were over 138 sizes and colors of reels offered by the old Teton Fly Reel company.  The inability to keep stock of such a large product universe was one of the principle problems the company faced that contributed to its decline.  In order to reign in the logistical complexities of such a large offering, we will be streamlining the new reel lineup to include fewer colors, sizes and models.  As such, it is doubtful that you would be able to find and exact color and size match for an old reel.  

My old Teton reel is broken/needs service. Where can I send it for repairs?

The company that made your old reel is no longer in business.  Although we will again be making Teton reels, hundreds of different parts where made over the years for the old model reels and although we are making new parts as we speak, some of these parts may not be available again.  We intend to honor the warranty work from the old company to the best of our ability, but understand that we cannot fix old reels for which we do not have parts.  Please contact the WJ Senecal company by clicking on the "Service" tab above.

Some manufacturers have strange reel sizes that make it difficult to match a reel against a rod. Will I have trouble understanding which Teton reel to buy for my rod?

No!  If you have a 5 weight rod, buy a 5 weight reel.  Simple!

Will the reels be made in the US or overseas?

Excellent question.  We intend to manufacture our new Teton reels with even higher tolerances that the originals.  The only way we can ensure this is to maintain strict production oversight here in the US. Teton reels will be 100% made in the USA.

Do you have any of the original model Teton (not Tioga) reels available? Specifically, I’m looking for the Teton 5.

We received no old stock from the original Teton Reels company.  Using the original Teton design with a few small improvements, we will once again be selling high quality Teton reels in a variety of sizes with the first new reels available later this year.  We’re confident you’ll want the new Tetons instead!

How many lines of reels will you produce? Will we see spey and saltwater reels again? Thanks!

Engineering plans are complete and currently undergoing conversion to machine code at our manufacturer for three initial sizes of launch reels.  A regular arbor 3/4 weight, a mid arbor 5/6 weight and a mid arbor 7/8 weight.  We are building our relaunch sizes around the core 5/6 weight reel which is by far the most popular reel size.  The saltwater 9/10 weight reel is currently on the drawing board, and we will probably prototype this reel once the other three sizes are in production.  The spey reel will be easy enough to add to the mix if there is demand for one, but because that is a lower volume model, we need to get the others going strong first.


Please Note!!! To order on line, click on the products you want, add them to your cart, then check out when finished. NEW LOOK ! All reels will now have the Classic Teton logo on the spool end cap. This is the logo used on the orginal Teton Reels.and is found on the reel box and neo. reel case. NEW LOWER PRICING & FREE USA SHIPPING on orders of $50.00 or more. . With over 20 years of solid design history, our 100% Made in USA Teton fly reels have been synonymous with rugged durability, flawless function and classic beauty. You will find no other reel with such an exceptional drag system, high quality manufacturing, proudly Made in America, and all retailing for under $160.00

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