Teton USA

If you want your local Fly Shop to order a Teton Classic Fly Reel for you and purchase it in their shop, please have them contact us at: info@tetonusa.com

We require NO annual pre-season commitments.  This means your local Fly Shop can order Teton reels one at a time with no long term contract!


Current dealers selling Teton Fly Reels include:






Please Note!!! To order on line, click on the products you want, add them to your cart, then check out when finished. NEW LOOK ! All reels will now have the Classic Teton logo on the spool end cap. This is the logo used on the orginal Teton Reels.and is found on the reel box and neo. reel case. NEW LOWER PRICING & FREE USA SHIPPING on orders of $50.00 or more. . With over 20 years of solid design history, our 100% Made in USA Teton fly reels have been synonymous with rugged durability, flawless function and classic beauty. You will find no other reel with such an exceptional drag system, high quality manufacturing, proudly Made in America, and all retailing for under $150.

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